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Charles Barkley On Fan Throwing A Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving: "Look At That Lil Punk A**, Just Take Him Downstairs And Let Kyrie Handle That”

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Charles Barkley had an idea to settle the altercation between Kyrie Irving and one fan that threw a bottle of water at the Brooklyn Nets star. 

After the Nets beat the Boston Celtics, 141-126, a 21-year-old man thought it was a nice idea to throw this bottle at Kyrie. Cameras caught the moment; the person was later identified, arrested, and is facing charges for his action. 

Well, before all of that, Chuck dropped the idea that the police should take the offender to the locker room and let Kyrie beat him as retaliation. 

Of course, it's hard to imagine Irving doing that and the police actually agreeing to that, but Chuck has a different mentality. 

This is not the first time he says something like this. Last week, after a fan threw popcorn at Russell Westbrook, the 1993 NBA MVP said players should be allowed to go to the stands and beat one person per game

That's a little extreme, but seeing how odd some fans have acted in recent games, Chuck might be onto something with this suggestion. 

The league has shared new guidelines for fans now that every arena is receiving supporters. These behaviors can't be allowed. But, until something really serious happens, people won't stop doing crazy things to get under the players' skins.