Charles Barkley On Giannis Antetokounmpo Not Winning A Title: “He’s Only 26. Michael Jordan Didn’t Win His First Championship Until He Was 28, Same Thing With LeBron."

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(via Afroballers)

(via Afroballers)

The 2019/20 NBA season has been terrific for Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak was the best player in the league this campaign and the first confirmation of that came in the form of the DPOY award that he received earlier this week. Giannis has demonstrated he's one of the most impactful players on both ends of the floor and this is yet another proof of that.

He is seen as the biggest favorite to win the MVP award, too, and has a big shot at winning the title in October. Some people believe there is a lot of pressure on his shoulder but according to Charles Barkley, that's not the case. The 1993 NBA MVP recently made the case for Giannis, stating he was rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks star to win the title this year but it wouldn't be a problem if he failed.

During an appearance on 'The Dan Patrick Show', the former NBA player-turned-analyst explained that Michael Jordan and LeBron James didn't win a 'ship until they were 28, so it shouldn't be different for Giannis and he shouldn't receive criticism for not winning a title this season.

“He’s only 26. Michael Jordan didn’t win his first championship until he was 28, same thing with LeBron. I get frustrated when these guys in the media tell if you don’t win a championship this year he’s gotta leave Milwaukee. Nobody said that to Michael Jordan.”

Chuck hopes he doesn't leave Milwaukee and can bring a title to the city after several years of struggle.

“I hope he wins the championship,” Barkley said. “It will be great for the NBA. I hope he stays in Milwaukee. I’d hate to see him join a superteam because that dilutes the NBA. But what he’s accomplished so far is incredible. I would love for him to be the face of the NBA because he’s such a great kid and a hell of a player.”

Giannis has had a terrific season, individually speaking, now he'll try to prove he can actually lead his team to the promised land. However, according to Chuck, he'll have more chances to do so with Milwaukee, not with a superteam, in a bigger market.