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Charles Barkley On Giannis' Future: 'We Could Have Another Kevin Durant Situation & We Don’t Want That’

Charles Barkley On Giannis' Future: 'We Could Have Another Kevin Durant Situation & We Don’t Want That’

One of the biggest questions for this offseason and the next one is what's going to happen with Giannis Antetokounmpo and his future in the league? Right now he's part of the Milwaukee Bucks, leading the team to dominate in the East for the last two seasons, but rumors suggest Giannis could look for a new team if Milwaukee doesn't get good results this season.

A series of teams have been linked with the Greek forward but nothing is certain now. However, some reports point at the Golden State Warriors as one of the biggest candidates to acquire Giannis' services. NBA legend Charles Barkley has expressed his concerns about this situation, stating that Giannis could be the new Kevin Durant if he makes certain decisions.

During an appearance on Thursday's edition of ESPN's show "Get Up!," Chuck revealed his worries about Antetokounmpo's future.

Greenberg: "Maybe Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks win the championship and everyone is happy. But if they get knocked out early ... other teams, other players around the league are gonna be whispering in his ear. What is your expectation regarding Giannis' long-term future if the Bucks don't win this thing?"

Barkley: "That concerns me -- that we'll have another Kevin Durant situation, and we really don't want that. I think it would be great for basketball if the Bucks won. Giannis is such a great kid, and Milwaukee is one of the most underrated cities in the NBA.

"(When) Toronto won the championship -- it was great for the NBA. And I think it'll be great if Milwaukee won it this year."

It's unclear if he implied Giannis was going to sign with the Warriors, just like KD did in 2016, but the comparison is spot-on. Perhaps Giannis would look for a bigger market and leave Milwaukee but that seems very unlikely right now. The Greek Freak has stated before all his focus is with the Bucks and that's not changing.

We'll have to wait to know his final decision, but right now, more and more people believe Giannis will leave Wisconsin at some point. Meanwhile, he'll return to action today when the Bucks take on the Boston Celtics in the bubble.