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Charles Barkley On NBA Return: "I Just Think That's Impossible To Finish The NBA Season"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Charles Barkley has expressed his doubts about the NBA resumption in Orlando next July 30. Chuck is not convinced that everything will go as smoothly as people believe and even claimed it is impossible for the league to finish the campaign.

The concern about the coronavirus spread in the bubble location in Orlando is getting bigger every day. Even though everybody wants to see basketball again, people are concern about what could happen at the bubble, especially knowing that Florida is recording more and more cases every single day.

Chuck talked about this whole situation in a recent episode of The Steam Room podcast titled ‘Book by its Cover'.

“I don’t think we got any chance of finishing this thing,” Barkley said.

“That hurts because I know a lot of people that would lose their jobs and would be affected going forward. The way this thing is spiking and obviously Florida is the worst spot in the world right now and we are taking 22 NBA teams to the hotspot. We’re taking the WNBA, MLS soccer is going on down there.”

“I just don’t see how we can go three months – the chances of us going three months and not having an outbreak – I just think that is impossible,” Barkley expressed.

It's not crazy to say that the Hall of Famer is speaking for a lot of people when he says this. Even NBA players have tested positive for the virus and nobody knows what could happen at the bubble if somebody breaks the rules and contract the disease. It is a big risk, but the NBA is prepared for everything.

We'll see how things go down in Orlando this month. Teams are expected to arrive in Florida next week.