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Charles Barkley On The Nets: "Best Soap Opera Ever..."

(via SFGate)

(via SFGate)

The Brooklyn Nets are the NBA's biggest story right now, and for good reason.

Besides the amazing talent they've assembled, the personalities of their new "big three" are unlike anything we've ever seen. One has been caught with burners, another has made headlines for his flat-earth conspiracy theories, and another helped initiate what might be the ugliest trade departure in modern basketball history.

Charles Barkley, in an appearance on ESPN, described what he expects from this squad going forward.

"It's gone be the best soap opera ever. I can't wait to watch it. I think it's going to be fascinating watch, those three personalities try to mesh in New York City. I think it's gonna be amazing tv to watch. I cannot wait to watch it. So I'm excited."

Barkley isn't wrong. Watching those guys try to work things out is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Already, we've seen Kyrie Irving cause some mayhem with his behavior. Kevin Durant and James Harden are sure to add more to that over the next few weeks.

As for the rest of the NBA community, many have shared their thoughts on the whole situation. Not everyone agrees, but we'll see soon enough how it all ends...