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Charles Barkley Questioned LeBron James' Real Age With Kobe Bryant In 2006

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

LeBron James is a force of nature, no doubt about it. The King has done impressive things that make you think where did he come from whenever he steps on the court. There was a time when people actually doubt about James' age due to all the stuff he was capable of doing on the hardwoods on a nightly basis. Back in 2006, Charles Barkley wasn't so sure about Bron's age.

During an edition of NBA on TNT in 2006, Barkley expressed his doubts about the real age of LeBron. Kobe was a guest on the show after being eliminated from the playoff bye the Phoenix Suns and he said the first comment, comparing himself to James when both were 21 (6.10 minute mark).

"I was much more skinny at 21 than him," Kobe said.

"He's not 21. LeBron is from the Dominican Republic. He's not 21," Barkley replied.

A couple of years later, in 2014, Skip Bayless would make the same question, saying he doubted that LeBron was actually 29.

Well, now knowing all the good things he's doing in the league at 35, in his 17th season, there might be more doubts about his real age. That man is something else; he's different than the rest of the players and you can tell that every night.

It looks like that question will always hunt LeBron, especially now that he's having a terrific season when most players start to slow down. Well, he's shown over and over that he knows how to take care of his body and these are the results.