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Charles Barkley Reveals Why He Despises Social Media: "They Don’t Have A Life. That’s Why They’re Such Losers."

Charles Barkley Gives Honest Opinion On NBA Fans: “95% Of Fans Are Amazing, 5% You Can Take Them Out Back And I’d Beat The Hell Out Of Them.”

After his playing days were over, Charles Barkley stayed in touch with the NBA. He decided to test his skills as an NBA analyst and it did wonders for him. In 2022, Barkley is one of the best analysts out there.

He is known for his filter-free takes on NBA players despite the status of the player. For example, he recently called out Kyrie Irving and gave him a nickname. Such cold takes make fans like him and stay tuned for every time he appears on 'Inside The NBA' show.

Another interesting fact about Chuck is that he is someone who doesn't use social media. In fact, he doesn't even know how to send an email or know what a DM is on Instagram.

On top of that, he essentially hates everything on social media. Until now, Chuck never revealed the reason for it but it changed. He talked about why he loathes social media and the people who are obsessed with it in a recent interview. Barkley said:

"They don’t have a life. That’s why they’re such losers. You know what, let me sit around and look at the Internet, and let me just harass somebody who, first of all, is probably more successful. When you’re successful, you have to accept the fact that, man, a lot of people, because their life sucks, are gonna take shots at you."

He added, "I guess they feel empowered, like, let me write something down. I say, hey, guys, never gonna do the Internet, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook."

(starts at 2:00)

Barkley certainly didn't hold back when calling out social media and the people on it. He also made valid points about several people unnecessarily taking shots at big names like Chuck himself.

On the other hand, there are always two sides to a coin and if there are bad people on social media platforms, there are good as well.