Charles Barkley Roasts Michael Jordan During Scottie Pippen's Jersey Retirement Ceremony: "Michael Jordan Should Be Kissing The Ground That You Walk On Because You Helped Them Win All Those Championships And Did All The Heavy Lifting"

chuck jordan

Charles Barkley delivered one of his best roasts in 2005 when the Chicago Bulls retired Scottie Pippen's No. 33. Chuck was a very good friend of Michael Jordan back then. Even though he didn't have the best relationship with Pippen during their active days, the 1993 NBA MVP didn't miss his chance to troll MJ while praising Scottie. 

Jordan and Pippen created one of the best duos in NBA history, taking the Chicago Bulls to win six titles in eight years. Although they never won an NBA title on their own, there was no competition for Chicago when they were together. 

In a pre-recorded video for the ceremony, Barkley decided to bring MJ down and lift Pippen, telling the forward that Jordan should kiss the ground that he walks after carrying him to win six titles (12:58). 

“Hey Scottie, congratulations. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to play with you on the Dream Team and play against you. You’re one of the greatest players in NBA history, and I just want to congratulate you, and I just think that Michael Jordan should be kissing the ground that you walk on because you helped them win all those championships and did all the heavy lifting.”

Michael also talked during the ceremony, celebrating his former teammates' accolades and reminding people that they complemented and helped each other reach the peak of their games. 

“When we went into battle, I knew I had someone to watch my back. Scottie Pippen, he’s my guy. I love him like a brother. He pushed me to be the best basketball player every day in practice, and I pushed him to be the best Scottie Pippen he could be.”

Phil Jackson also had the chance to talk about Pippen, recalling all the good and bad moments they lived together and how Scottie always tried to motivate his teammates, even when Jordan wasn't around. 

"For the coaches that worked with Scottie, he was the best. I think his teammates would say that he loved to play basketball. It was a wonderful pleasure to watch him. So many memories, memories of Scottie getting a concussion, and missing a game against Detroit. Memories of Scottie having migraine, sitting out the 7th game. Memories of Detroit running at the stands as we swept them the next year when on our way to win a championship. Great memories of Scottie guarding Magic Johnson and changing the fortune with the L.A. Lakers. (...) I was fortuned to have both these two guys (Jordan and Pippen) as leaders, along with Bill Cartwright. Michael was giving them hell and Scottie was patting the guys on the back. And it was a great combination of effect. Nothing could make me happier than to have you inducted in this honor tonight."

Chuck really did a great job trolling MJ that night, giving lots of love to Pippen. His relationship with His Airness is broken right now, but they gave us plenty of these good moments that won't be forgotten.