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Charles Barkley Roasts The All-Star Fan Voting System On Live Television


The first return on the NBA All-Star fan votes came in recently. Obviously, per usual, the results were controversial. Some thought the list was great, others... no so much.

Consider NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley part of the latter. During the show, the analyst fired a major shot at fans everywhere for what he deems is a faulty voting system.

"I don't like the fan's vote. What happened last time when we let them make a big decision? White House."

That statement is an obvious reference to the 2016 United States Presidential campaign, the one that resulted in the election of Donald Trump. No matter your opinions of him, his Presidency has been a major controversy for the past couple of years. Clearly, Barkley isn't a fan of the new regime any more than he is a fan of these fan votes for the NBA All-Star game.

This thing with the All-Star game is obviously not on the same scale, but there's a lot of folks with different opinions on the subject. If Barkley were the deciding factor, things would be different. Though, there's no telling how he might shake things up.