Charles Barkley: "Russell Westbrook Must Give Up His PG Position To James Harden"

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

One of the biggest surprise trades this offseason has been the blockbuster trade of Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook and Houston’s Chris Paul. The Thunder traded Westbrook to the Rockets where he will be reunited with former teammate and fellow MVP, James Harden.

The two played together in Oklahoma with Westbrook as the main point guard with Harden coming off the bench as the Sixth man. Since he departed the team for the Houston Rockets, Harden has become one of the superstars of the game and the leader of his team. The question now has to be asked on where the two stars will play in the starting line-up.

According to Charles Barkley who recently spoke on SportsCenter about the blockbuster trade, Westbrook should give up his point guard position for James Harden.

“About two or three years ago, I suggested that Russell Westbrook switch to the two-position so I think that’s the only way this team could work,” said Barkley. “But Russell’s got to buy into being the two guard and not try to be the point guard because the ball’s going to be in James' hands a lot. So if Russell will dedicate himself to being the shooting guard, I think this team has got a chance of working but it all depends on if Russell is going to buy in on the two-guard.”

Russell Westbrook’s natural position has been the point guard position and ever since Kevin Durant left the Thunder in 2016, it’s been labeled as Westbrook’s team. It certainly will test him now being apart of a new franchise and having to the Rockets style of play.

The Western Conference is already looking much tougher with both Los Angeles teams adding some very talented players to their franchises. Having the talent of Westbrook and Harden together is not enough to lead the Rockets to a championship, they will need to find the best way to work together if they are serious about becoming a true contender.