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Charles Barkley Says Kevin Durant Is The Only Unselfish Player Of Nets Trio

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant are, no doubt, the most talented offensive trio in the game. Together, they have the potential to take the Nets to amazing new heights in the East,

But basketball is more than just about talent, it involves chemistry and sacrifice.

For the Nets, how is that going to work with three ball-dominant stars who each have monster-sized egos? According to TNT's Charles Barkley, only Durant has proven he's unselfish, and it is cause for some major concern.

“The only one of those three guys that has proven to me that he is not selfish, and not a me guy is KD. KD went to Golden State and he sacrificed. James Harden and Kyrie Irving have never shown me that ‘I just want to win, that’s the most important thing’. Those other guys just care about their numbers. I don’t think they will make that sacrifice. They will get less shots."

There is a certain degree of sacrifice and humility that comes with joining a superteam. When LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade joined forces in the early 2010s, they had to figure out how to work with each other in order to win Championships.

It took some time and failure, but the Heat were able to find success together.

With the Nets, it's hard to say for certain whether or not they'll work out. It'll just depend on how flexible they are willing to be.