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Charles Barkley Says Kyrie Irving Is Irrelevant After The Nets Landed James Harden

(via Elite Sports NY)

(via Elite Sports NY)

The league is still in disbelief about the Brooklyn Nets right now. The team is stealing all of the headlines but for good and bad reasons, as they just acquired James Harden on a huge trade but Kyrie Irving claimed that he 'didn't want to play' and miss nearly 10 days of play.

People were wondering whether Kyrie was willing to sit out the season right before the Nets landed Harden. So, now that they have another superstar, Charles Barkley actually believes that having Kyrie or not is irrelevant, as he recently said on the Dan Patrick Show:

“I think the Nets have lost faith in Kyrie. And I think actually Kevin is like ‘Na, I better bring James here.’ Because listen even without Kyrie, James and KD together is pretty formidable. I mean they are gonna be just as good with or without Kyrie. (...) So, I think KD is like ‘Yo man, I can’t trust this dude. He shows up when he wants to, he’s gonna do his own thing. I have got to bring James in as insurance… This is probably the greatest insurance policy that we have ever seen in the NBA," Barkley said.

Obviously, any team could benefit from having a player as talented as Kyrie Irving, but he's proven that he just can't be trusted. I mean, he's either hurt or working on his own agenda and has failed to lead a team throughout his entire career.

Now, the Brooklyn Nets have the ultimate insurance policy in James Harden. You may question his shape but not his desire to play and the fact that he always gets the job done, one way or the other. So, if Kyrie decides to focus on basketball, they could have the greatest offensive trio of all time, and if not, KD and Harden can lead the way.