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Charles Barkley Says LeBron James Might Be At The Same Level Of Kobe Bryant If He Wins This Year

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Entering this season, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had big expectations around them. After all that happened this year, those expectations are even bigger. James knows this season is very important for him and his career and he's trying everything to win the championship next month in the Orlando bubble.

The GOAT debate has been a hot topic around the league lately and LeBron is always part of those conversations. He's often compared to Michael Jordan but not everybody believes he should be spoken of in the same breath as MJ.

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Charles Barkley recently spoke about Bron's pressure to win this year, stating that a title this year would take the King to the same level of another Lakers great, the late Kobe Bryant, not Michael Jordan. Playing at a great level at 35, in his 17th year in the league, LeBron is doing some impressive things on the court. He knows the clock is ticking, too, so he needs to win as much as possible before his body starts slowing down.

During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Chuck said that LeBron winning the title this year might put him in the same level of Kobe, but seeing all the things that happened before this moment, it wouldn't be that easy.

“If they (Lakers) win this championship, I might put him (LeBron) with Kobe Bryant. In my opinion, LeBron is a great player and a great man. I got him one slip behind Kobe Bryant. Now, if he wins this year, I might put him on the same level with Kobe. But until he wins another championship, in my opinion, he hasn’t passed Kobe Bryant. But because of all the bubble and all the stuff that’s happened this year, this would be a great accomplishment. So, I might flip-flop him (LeBron) and Kobe.”

Bron is a man on a mission and he knows one more title would get him closer to Kobe (5) and Jordan (6). He has repeatedly stated that he wants to be the GOAT and he's putting all the work to accomplish that. Will it work? Only time will tell.