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Charles Barkley Says Rich Paul Is ‘Trying To Bail Out’ LeBron James In Los Angeles

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Perhaps no agent has been scrutinized more than Klutch Sports' Rich Paul. It is hard to argue the success he brings to his biggest client, LeBron James. How he brings about that success, however, makes him different in a lot of minds.

For LeBron James especially, many accuse Paul of manipulating the league, its players, and the teams to assist LeBron in any way he can. For an agent to have this much "control" over the NBA landscape is really unprecedented.

Most recently, Paul's tactics and intentions were pointed out by NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley in a recent interview with The Rich Eisen Show.

“He’s trying to bail out LeBron,” Barkley said. “LeBron went to a bad situation with the Lakers and he’s trying to get one of his clients to go there. Rich is a good guy, but they’re trying to force the NBA. No, no, no. Nobody’s going there. They’re such a dysfunctional organization and he don’t want LeBron to waste the last three to four years of his career.”

Could it not be possible that a guy like Anthony Davis really does want to play with LeBron James? Is it not an agents' job to do what is best for his client?

Nonetheless, there are many who commend Rich Paul and even LeBron James for trying to "force" stars into Los Angeles. It is true that Paul has a degree of power rarely seen in the league. It is true he has his hand in a lot of the rumors, speculations, and whispers around the league.

But it might also be true that Paul is simply doing what's in the best interest of his clients.

You decide which story is the truth.