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Charles Barkley Takes A Shot At The NBA: "Y'all Sit There And Watch This Stupid A** Basketball. Give Me A Break You Dumba**es."

(via Vulture)

(via Vulture)

There may be no greater critic of the current state of NBA basketball than Suns legend, and league analyst, Charles Barkley.

In the past, he has ridiculed the modern-day league, and the stars who play in it, for being "soft" or playing a perverse style of basketball. On Thursday, Chuck continued to sing his regular tune, this time using vulgarity to describe his displeasure with the current state of hoops.

"I'ma be the old man, get off my lawn. Y'all sit there and watch this stupid ass basketball. Just jack up threes all night, they go in, we win, they miss, they lose. Give me a break you dumbasses."

Say what you want about Charles, but he's got a point there. How often do we see teams insist on shooting the three-ball? Nowadays, it seems like games are decided by who takes, and makes, the most three-pointers -- to the point where teams are living and dying by it.

The worst part is, it's only going to get worse. Players are only getting better at shooting threes, and they're going further and further out to take them. Traditional post play and "grit and grind" style basketball is really becoming a thing of the past.

And while the NBA's ratings are certainly telling a different story, perhaps thing might be even better for them if they moved off the long-distance shot?

Whatever the case, not everyone is a fan of this new-age basketball, and it really makes you wonder just how flawed it really is...