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Charles Barkley Takes Shot At Draymond Green: "Without Kevin Durant, Klay And Steph, He’s Just A Good Little Player.”

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

The Charles Barkley-Draymond Green feud is anything but ended, as the two figures keep exchanging jabs every time they have the chance. Green had taken the most recent shots at Barkley, claiming the latter was 'jealous' of his success, his NBA rings, and the money he's made playing the game.

“He never won s—, Green said during an interview with ‘All The Smoke’ podcast. “Charles Barkley has had this beef with me since I started coming up in this league. It’s always him throwing a shot.

“Honestly, it’s jealousy. It’s jealousy that somebody the same as him or smaller can come in the league and have the success I’ve had, made the money I’ve made, win the championships I’ve won. These are all things that Charles Barkley wasn’t able to do. Granted, he made a lot of money for his time … it’s not my fault I benefited from the money going up.

“He scored more points than me, ight cool, but that don’t necessarily mean you had more impact on the game than me.”

Well, Chuck had the chance to reply and he did so in a great way, using a great metaphor to describe the way people see Draymond in Golden State. The former NBA player-turned-analyst joined John Calipari's Facebook show 'Coffee with Cal' where he made sure to let the message clear for Green.

“I get annoyed when these guys who are born into money think that they’re successful,” Barkley said on the “Coffee With Cal” show. “He’s like the worst member of the boy band who doesn’t realize he’s standing next to Timberlake. When the girls are throwing panties at his head, he’s going to get hit by some drive-by panties, but they’re really throwing panties at Justin Timberlake.

“Draymond’s a good little player, but without Kevin Durant, Klay and Steph, he’s just a good little player.”

It's not a secret that Draymond has struggled this season without the injured Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant (who joined the Brooklyn Nets in free agency). His numbers have dramatically decreased and Barkley has taken advantage of that, talking about that 'triple-single' Draymond is recording this season.

These two have been engaged in this feud for a couple of years now and it's hard to predict when it all will come to an end.