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Charles Barkley Tells The Story Of The Time Michael Jordan Stopped Him From Giving Money To A Homeless Man

Charles Barkley Reveals Why He And Michael Jordan Are Not Friends Anymore

(via The Source Magazine)

Michael Jordan has always been known as a ruthless man. Love him or hate him, he's a stubborn guy who believes in hard-work and against taking the easy way out -- even the "easy way out" involves asking strangers for money.

In a chat with Oprah years ago, Charles Barkley told the story of the time Jordan stopped him from giving money to a homeless asking for help.

"Let me tell you a story, I was gonna give money to a homeless man one time, and he (Michael Jordan) smacks my hand and says "If he can say, 'Can I have spare change', then he can say 'Welcome to McDonalds'..."

Yeah, that was. a pretty brutal moment by MJ. He clearly doesn't want to just hand people money when they don't have a job.

He often lived by this code in his personal and professional life. He always worked hard, pushed through, and made the best with what he had.