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Charles Barkley: "The Bucks Are Going To Win The World Championship"


The NBA Finals are heating up right now and many believe that it’s Golden State’s championship to lose at this stage.

However, Charles Barkley has made up his mind about who he believes will win this year’s Finals and it’s not the Warriors. Barkley announced on ‘Inside the NBA’ that "The Milwaukee Bucks are going to win the world championship." Chuck had previously picked the Portland Trail Blazers before the Bucks to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals, he’s now officially on the Milwaukee bandwagon.

The Milwaukee Bucks have just won their fourth straight game over the Boston Celtics, eliminated them from the postseason. Giannis Antetokounmpo has played a big role in the playoff’s series, continuing his incredible form from the regular season.

There would be many who would disagree with Barkley’s predictions when it comes to the Western Conference side of things. The Warriors are the clear favorites to go all the way to win their third straight championship in a row.

Barkley had this to say about his Western Conference pick, the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday Night.

“The Portland Trail Blazers are going to the NBA Finals. I’m doubling down on that,” Barkley proclaimed on Sunday night. “Whether its the Warriors or the Rockets [that they play in the Western Conference Finals]. The Portland Trail Blazers are going to the finals. Period.”

The NBA playoffs continue with the Raptors and 76ers facing off in Game 6 tomorrow.