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Charles Barkley: 'The Clippers Don’t Have A Matchup For Anthony Davis, But They Have Two Matchups For LeBron – Paul George And Kawhi Leonard'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

While the NBA remains in a hiatus, the only thing fans have to do besides watching old games and highlights is to imagine how things will go down when the league returns. There isn’t a date for when basketball will come back, but everybody seems pretty confident that it will happen at some point this year.

That said, debates about which team is going to take it all this season haven’t stopped and NBA legend Charles Barkley has made the case for the Los Angeles Lakers, explaining why the Purple and Gold are to beat the Clippers in a potential playoffs series.

He joined Colin Cowherd on ‘The Herd’ to talk about LeBron James and the things he brings to the table. However, he pointed out that Bron wasn’t going to be the biggest factor for the Lakers' success

“The key [for winning or losing championship] is gonna be Anthony Davis. LeBron is gonna do his thing. The key to me is Anthony Davis,” he said.

“The Clippers don’t have a matchup for him, but they have two matchups for LeBron – Paul George and Kawhi. They [The Clippers] don’t have anybody to guard Anthony Davis. If the Lakers will win the championship it will be because of Anthony Davis,” Barkley added.

There is one reason why the Lakers put together a compelling package to trade for AD in the summer. They know this guy can be extremely helpful in their attempts to win the championship. Davis, alongside LeBron, were leading the Lakers to be the best team in the league, even beating the Clippers before the NBA suspended the campaign.

The battle of Los Angeles was one of the most longed-for events before the season started. After the first two duels, that story got even bigger, with the Lakers taking revenge on the two defeats they suffered against their city neighbors.

This is a series everybody wants to see in the playoffs, especially if it means the winner is going to represent the West in the Finals. If that moment arrives, Chuck believes Anthony Davis will play a major role for his team.