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Charles Barkley Wants Adam Silver To Block Potential Anthony Davis Trade To Lakers

Charles Barkley Wants Adam Silver To Block Potential Anthony Davis Trade To Lakers

The entire basketball world has their eyes on Anthony Davis this week with a big question mark over will he be traded before the trade deadline or kept for the rest of the season.

Charles Barkley has a strong opinion on the matter and believes that NBA commissioner Adam Silver needs to step in to prevent Anthony Davis from being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers who are the current favorites to land the Pelicans All-Star.

">February 1, 2019

Barkley spoke on “Inside the NBA” on Thursday Night about the situation and hoe he doesn’t like what the Lakers are doing right now.

“Adam Silver needs to block that trade. I don’t like what the Lakers are doing. I don’t think it’s right. Rich Paul got mad at me because I said a month ago, I said, ‘Oh the fix is in. Anthony Davis is going to the Lakers.’ This was before all these rumors started. He didn’t like me saying the fix was in. The fix has been in," stated Barkley.

Barkley certainly has a fear that a LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo in L.A could be a seriously dangerous super team. It’s not what the league really needs right now, especially while the Golden State Warriors sit a top of the Western Conference with quite a stacked team.

There’s a strong vibe right now that Anthony Davis will be traded to the Los Angeles but the two franchises would need to come up with a deal in the next few days otherwise he’ll most likely end up in Boston.

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