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Charles Barkley's Epic Response After Shaquille O'Neal Said He Was A Role Player: "You Was Rolling From City To City."

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Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley are arguably the most fun duo on the air when it comes to NBA media. The two are constantly going at one another on Inside The NBA, and one of their main topics of argument always boils down to Barkley trying to discredit Shaq a little and O'Neal responding by bringing up how many rings he has compared to Chuck. 

These playoffs have provided some more golden moments from the crew, be it their agreement on Tom Brady's handsomeness, or Charles Barkley talking about the flagrant fouls being called during the games. But recently, they had a vintage argument after Shaquille O'Neal claimed that he hadn't played 15 bad games in his whole career and Barkley called him out:

Shaquille O'Neal: "I played for 20 years, I probably had 15 where it just couldn't go in."

Charles Barkley: "15 what?"

Shaq: "15 times when it just wasn't going in."

Chuck: "Well, you had more than 15. You played bad more than 15 times."

Shaq: "Ayy, Stop it, Chuck, no."

Chuck: "Don't tell me you only had 15 bad games in 20 years."

Shaq: "Yes, 15 bad games."

The conversation went on for a few more sentences, with Barkley refusing to believe him and Kenny Smith trying to sort it out by saying that Shaq meant in his prime. However, Shaq had an answer ready for that as well:

Shaquille O'Neal: "First of all, last two years I played, I was a role player. After I got my 4 championships-"

Charles Barkley: "Whoa whoa, role player? You was rolling from city to city. Cleveland, Phoenix, Boston."

This is another classic example of Barkley getting under Shaq's skin after the big man said something a little bit outlandish. This chemistry between the two though, is what makes the show such a classic, and the hope for NBA fans will be that they get to keep watching this year on year moving forward.