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Charles Oakley Calls It "Embarrassing" Dwight Howard Got Signed Before Carmelo Anthony

(via Shaw Sports)

(via Shaw Sports)

After a few years of miserable seasons, Dwight Howard has found a new home back in L.A. with the Lakers.

And while his leash is short, many think he deserves no place there at all -- at least, not over a guy like Carmelo Anthony, who has a far less damaged reputation.

NBA legend Charles Oakley is one who falls into that camp and wasn't afraid to say to TMZ Sports, going so far as to call it "embarrassing" for Anthony.

"Carmelo should've never left New York," Oakley told TMZ Sports. "I think if he'd have stayed in New York, he probably would've gotten a new contract and maybe the Knicks would've made the playoffs the last couple years."

"I wish him all the love, but Melo's gotta realize that he had a great career. Don't sweat the people. You played the game at a high level, and leave on that level. Don't just want to be on a team because you want to be on a team,” the Knicks legend added.

It is true that Carmelo has not been the same since departing from the Knicks back in 2017. After short and unsuccessful stints in Houston and Oklahoma City, he remains unsigned through August.

One of his most promising options was taken by Dwight Howard, an out-of-his prime big man who has struggled to stay out of trouble in the locker room. No doubt, it's troubling times for the former 10x All-Star.