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Charles Oakley Was Brutally Honest About Isiah Thomas: "Mike Does Not Want To Be Your Friend, Isiah."

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During their time playing, Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan faced off against one another in the playoffs many times. As a result, the Pistons and the Bulls had a huge rivalry in the 90s.

Recently, Charles Oakley was asked about his thoughts on The Last Dance when he was on an episode of the All The Smoke podcast. One of the topics that came up relating to the documentary was Isiah Thomas. Charles Oakley was brutally honest about Thomas, claiming that Michael Jordan doesn't want to be his friend while adding that the reason Thomas was "really mad" was because Michael Jordan "took over Chicago".

Isiah talking about himself. Nobody like Isiah on there. I don't know what's up with Isiah. He's just too stinky. He always thinks "I ain't do it" but he did it... Mike do not want to be your friend Isiah. I'm telling you for the fifth time. He do not want to be your friend. Stay on ESPN, keep talking on TNT about Mike. Now you're trying to say everybody better than Mike. It's okay, you're not better than Mike. He came into your city and took your city. That's why you really mad. He took over Chicago.

Isiah Thomas is definitely one of the best players who are originally from the city of Chicago. Dwyane Wade even called him the greatest player from the city of Chicago. However, the most respected basketball figure in the city of Chicago is currently Michael Jordan, and Oakley is right in saying Jordan "took over Chicago".

Regardless of the bitterness between Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas, they are both all-time greats. Michael Jordan is widely viewed as the GOAT of basketball, and Isiah Thomas can rightfully claim that he was one of the few that could defeat the greatest player of all time. They were both fantastic players, and hopefully, they can put aside their differences in the future.