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Charlotte Hornets Must Trade Kemba Walker Before It's Too Late

Kemba Walker Phoenix Suns Trade

Despite many attempts to break through and become a decent team in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets have failed over and over again. The franchise has only made the Playoffs 3 times since 2005 and has never made it past the first round since then. They have made a huge amount of mistakes with their roster and have been a laughing stock of the NBA for many many years.

The future isn’t bright either as they are stuck in a position where their team won’t get any better but they aren’t bad enough to get a good draft pick. They traded for Dwight Howard... then traded him after one season even though he was pretty good for them and they have quite a lot of money tied up in decent players like Nicolas Batum and Cody Zeller.

Their only star is Kemba Walker who has been an All-Star the past 2 seasons while averaging 22.7 points a game. He will be a free agent next summer and my guess is that he won’t want to hang around. Charlotte is going nowhere with what they have right now and it is time to bite the bullet and hit the reset button... again.

The Phoenix Suns are in desperate need of a good point to play alongside Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton. If they can acquire one then they will make a real push to make the Playoffs. They also have a problem with minutes at the small forward position. At the moment they have 2 talented players in TJ Warren and Josh Jackson.

Warren averaged 19.7 points a game last season in a breakout year and looks to continue his improvement. Josh Jackson has just finished his rookie year averaging 13 points a game. He looks very promising, but the Suns want to make the Playoffs now. The Hornets should trade Kemba Walker to the Suns for Jackson, a future 1st round pick and a future 2nd round pick.

This gives the Suns the player they need to really make a push for the Playoffs and allows the Hornets to tank (again) whilst giving Josh Jackson the minutes to really grow and show what he’s worth.

Hopefully, he can bring something good to the city of Charlotte, Gods know they really need it.