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Charlotte Hornets Set To Make A Huge Decision


To be blunt, the Charlotte Hornets haven't exactly been very good these past couple of years. In fact, many consider the team to be the worst frachise in basketball.

In recent seasons, the team has gotten significantly better... but they still remain virtually clueless as to what to expect for the future. And after news broke of who they might bring in to fill that empty GM role, it's only been the root of more questions.

Via ESPN's Marc Stein:

According to Stein, legendary (former) Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak could be the next man up in Charlotte. Although he's seen a lot of good times in L.A., many disagree with how he ran the Lakers during the later years of his tenure, when the Lakeshow began, perhaps, their worst stretch in franchise history.

In Charlotte, nobody is quite sure what to make of the move. True, Kupchak has the experience and the flashiness to raise anyone's eyebrows. But if he runs the Hornets similar to how he ran the Lakers, things could spiral out of control.