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Chicago Bulls NBC Account Takes A Shot At Stephen Curry By Pointing Out Michael Jordan’s Championship Percentage

Chicago Bulls Take A Shot At Stephen Curry By Pointing Out Michael Jordan’s Championship Percentage

Stephen Curry had all eyes on him last night, as he went on to make history in the NBA. Curry surpassed Ray Allen to take the top spot on the NBA's all-time three-pointer list. While most of the NBA community were celebrating, the Chicago Bulls NBC account took a slight shot at him.

The Chicago Bulls NBC Twitter account found an old Tweet from 2019, which pointed out that Michael Jordan's championship percentage was higher than Curry's career three-point percentage. They retweeted this while saying that they stand by their older Tweet.

It's odd of the Bulls' account to share this, given the fact that it was a moment where the entire NBA world was rooting for Steph as he was on the verge of making history. On the other hand, this could just have been a light-hearted joke about Curry while paying respect to the biggest legend in NBA history.

Some might wonder why this Bulls' account would want to upset Stephen Curry, given that he is yet to play the Chicago Bulls, and could use this Tweet the way Michael Jordan would and take it personally, thus causing problems for them during their game. 

Regardless of the shot, there is nothing that could take away from this moment for Stephen Curry. He was able to achieve something he has been working toward his entire career. The entire NBA community took to social media to give him his flowers, praising him for this incredible achievement.

Perhaps Curry will see this and use this as motivation the next time he faces the Chicago Bulls. While this isn't their official account, he could want to teach them a lesson about not speaking ill of him, especially when he just made history the likes of which we may never see in the NBA again.