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Chicago Bulls Send A Message To Opposing Teams That Zach LaVine Will Remain In Chicago

Zach LaVine

In Chicago, Zach LaVine is the biggest prize of the summer. As a young and exciting wing player, LaVine is a player who can change the potential of whatever roster he's on.

Despite some doubts this season, LaVine is expected to stay in Chicago as his loyalty to the franchise gets spread to offices around the league.

(via Marc Stein):

Earlier this month, I heard it more than once: Chicago's Zach LaVine might actually be gettable. Among the reasons? Word was LaVine really wanted to be courted as a first-time unrestricted free agent.

Not so much now, apparently.

My Bleacher Report colleague Jake Fischer reported Tuesday that his most recent reporting suggests LaVine will stay in Chicago. I've since been told that similar messaging has been conveyed to teams that were plotting to make a run at prying LaVine away from the Bulls.

With the 2022 NBA Draft looming Thursday and free agency to follow just a week later, plenty of intrigue still surrounds Chicago's plans at center and its potential trade pursuit of Utah's Rudy Gobert. LaVine's free agency, by contrast, is quickly losing its fizz.

LaVine helped the Bulls achieve great success this season, finishing as the 6th seed in the East for the first time in years.

He's an unrestricted free agent this summer, and he will have the option to choose his own path. After much speculation, it appears as if LaVine is staying put, and now everyone knows. What it means for Chicago is still ultimately a mystery.

With Zach apparently locked in, they can continue to shape the roster around him. But is he and DeRozan really enough to make a long playoff run? We will find out soon enough, but don't be surprised when he's back in a Bulls jersey next season.