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Chinese NBA Fans Have A Wild Theory About Why Kawhi Leonard Left The Spurs

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When it comes to sports you get some crazy rumors that surface. Maybe it’s because we want to believe the crazy things we hear so that our lives are most interesting? These rumors make off the court incidents more exciting and there’s a very interesting one that has apparently emerged from the Chinese fanbase.

Kawhi Leonard left the Spurs this past summer through a trade with the Toronto Raptors. He had sat out most of the previous season citing injury. There were many reports that Kawhi wasn’t happy with the way the Spurs were treating his injury, and the Chinese fan-base have this crazy idea.

According to Redditor QuentinMxh, there is a theory about Kawhi Leonard and why he left the Spurs:

So apparently, after Spurs announced its partnership with Methodist Healthcare which the proponents of the said theory deem as a scamming hospital franchise, Kawhi, Danny Green, Metu and now Pau Gasol all have needed to seek a second opinion to get the right diagnosis or treatment. The theory suggests that Kawhi has every reason to be angry at the organization while Pop and others have unfairly and wrongly taken the medical team's side, who, again, is not reliable (they came to that conclusion based on the scores people give on the google map They go as far as to make judgement on Pop and the Spurs organization's integrity since Spurs are technically sponsored by Methodist Healthcare and therefore required to be loyal to their business partner. The narrative has been shifted.

Apparently, the Spurs’ new medical partner is responsible for several misdiagnoses on multiple injuries of Spurs players. If this is true then Kawhi would have a legitimate reason to be angry with the Spurs for not taking his injury seriously enough. Apparently Kawhi, Danny Green and Pau Gasol all had to get 2nd opinions due to mistakes made.

Kawhi was angry at Coach Pop and the Spurs because they took the doctor’s side instead of Kawhi’s, mainly because Methodist Healthcare (the medical partner) are business partners with the Spurs. Several people on Reddit have notably pointed out that the internet ratings for hospitals are often skewed because if the hospital is good you expect that and so don’t review it. People only review when the hospital makes a mistake.

Either way, Kawhi is in Toronto and his team have the best league in the NBA. The Spurs might not make the Playoffs this season for the first time in around 2 decades.