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Chris Bosh Believes Miami Heat Would Have Won One More Title If LeBron James Stayed

Chris Bosh Believes Miami Heat Would Have Won One More Title If LeBron James Stayed

LeBron James’ time in Miami was the beginning of his impressive streak of eight consecutive trips to the NBA Finals since the King went to play four finals with the Florida team before taking his talents back to Cleveland in 2014. Following his departure from the Heat, LeBron left every single fan at South Beach asking what would have happened with the team if he stayed with them one more season.

One of those wondering how the things would have been with the King still in Miami was Chris Bosh, one of the components of that Big 3 the Heat assembled alongside Dwyane Wade and the King himself. During the four years LeBron played at American Airlines Arena, Erik Spoelstra’s team managed to play in four Finals, winning two against the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs and losing two against the Spurs in the rematch and the Dallas Maverick in the first season the Big 3 played together.

According to Bosh, the team would have won at least another title if they managed to keep LeBron in the roster. During an appearance on NBA TV’s Open Court, Bosh stated: “I think we could have won at least one more.

Perhaps they would have brought another Eastern Conference title home, but seeing how that season following LeBron’s exit went down for Miami, it’s hard to imagine that they would have made a great job stopping the Golden State Warriors.

Bosh's medical concerns started while injuries began to hunt Dwyane Wade, as well; plus, the way that 2014/15 was assembled made a new title for Miami highly unlikely, even if they had LeBron James as part of the squad.

After his Miami spell, James went to lead the Cavaliers to another four NBA Finals, winning one in 2016 and losing the other three against the same rival, the Golden State Warriors.