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Chris Bosh Hilariously Recalls His Epic Rebound In Game 6 Of The Finals

Via Bleacher Report

Via Bleacher Report

Chris Bosh doesn't get the credit he deserves. If it wasn't for him, the Miami Heat's Big 3 era would have ended up with just 1 ring. Hell, if he wasn't there, perhaps they wouldn't have even made it to those 4 NBA Finals.

Bosh was a beast in both ends of the court for Erik Spoelstra's team. He didn't hesitate to take a step back in the offense to give the keys of the car to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade despite being the Raptors' go-to-guy for most of his career.

But his most epic moment as a member of the Heat - and on his career - didn't come from scoring or defense. It came thanks to arguably the clutchest offensive rebound in the history of the game, the play that turned the tables in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Bosh jumped over Manu Ginobili and Danny Green, got the offensive rebound on a LeBron missed three, and then kicked it out to Ray Allen, who tied the game with a corner triple to take it to overtime.

The Heat ended up pulling off a huge comeback when it seemed like the Spurs would be champions at their home. They forced game 7 and won back-to-back NBA Championships.

That play has run over and over in social media, television, and our memories. We can literally describe it and recall it with our eyes closed. That's why it was so hilarious to see Bosh troll everybody by jumping on board of the"Describe your favorite sports moment, as boring as possible" trend in Twitter.

"I got a rebound and made a pass," Bosh tweeted.

Number 1 didn't have to say anything else to let everybody know exactly what play he was referring to. That shot will go down as one of the most exciting moments in sports history, even if he tried to describe it that way.