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Chris Bosh Hopes To Make NBA Return By All-Star Break


Chris Bosh's story is not over yet.

While his battle with blood clots have kept him out of the league for several years now, Bosh has some big plans. He hopes to make an NBA comeback by the All-Star break this season and has named New York as one of his top destinations...

(via the New York Daily News):

“I have to remind people that I’m not retired yet, I haven’t made up my mind,” Bosh said. “Basketball is still in my heart and and on my mind. You know, that’s one of the main things that I’m trying to get back to, so I always have to tell people that I’m still going.”

And when asked about possibly playing for the Knicks, he seemed keen on the idea.

“If they make me a deal, yeah.”

For the 34-year old veteran, it'll be a risk for him to step on the court for every game. At every moment, his blood clots put him at risk of literal death.

Desppite these risks, Bosh is willing to play ball anyway.

Only question now, is if the Knicks (or any other team for that matter) are willing to let him take that risk.