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Chris Bosh On Kobe Bryant: "He Told Me He Was Going To Win An Oscar.”



Kobe Bryant had an amazing career on the basketball court, highlighted by 18 All-Star appearances and 5 NBA Championships. Bryant was able to accomplish much off the court as well, even going on to win an Oscar after his retirement in 2018.

According to former NBA big man Chris Bosh, Bryant actually predicted years ago that his success would continue well beyond his basketball career ended. In a conversation on "The Real," Bosh described the moment Bryant told him he was going to win an Oscar.

“He told me months before the Oscars even come on," Bosh said. "He was telling me his ambitions. Not so much that it was a dream, but he was telling me. Kobe is a very precise person, he’s going to tell you exactly how he’s going to do it. And more importantly, we were talking about post-retirement things, what we were going to do outside of the game of basketball. He had miles and miles on anybody before he passed.”

Kobe Bryant was a guy with big ambitions who wanted to excel in all areas of life. So when he retired from the NBA, it was no surprise to anyone that he moved on to dominate in different ventures.

His Oscar win in 2018 was awarded for his short film Dear Basketball, an ode to his time and love for the game of basketball.

Bryant, an NBA Hall-of-Famer, was a popular and beloved athlete around the globe, who motivated countless individuals to work hard and pursue their greatest passions. He, and his daughter Gianna, were among nine victims who died in a tragic helicopter crash in January of 2020.