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Chris Bosh Says Dwyane Wade Is The Greatest Teammate Ever: 'It’s Dwyane Wade For Me Because Dwyane Said, LeBron, You Need To Be The Guy, You’re The No. 1 Option, And I’ll Figure Everything Out, You Just Go Ahead And Be Comfortable Being Who You Are.'


Throughout the course of history, the NBA has seen some pretty dominant teams lead all the way and win multiple NBA Championships. Recently, the 'Heatles' Miami Heat featuring LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh was one of those teams.

The Heat's Big 3 made it to 4 consecutive NBA Finals, winning a couple of them. Their three stars developed great chemistry on and off the court and it was pretty clear that they could've won even more rings if LeBron hadn't left in 2015.

That's why, even though James has built a strong rapport with Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of winning a ring, Chris Bosh still believes that Bron was better complemented by Dwyane Wade, who he called "the greatest teammate ever":

Chris Bosh Says Dwyane Wade Is The Greatest Teammate Ever

Chris Bosh Shares His Thoughts About Playing With LeBron James

When asked about whether Anthony Davis was the best teammate The King has ever had, Bosh respectfully declined and leaned towards Wade:

"Do they complement each other? Hell yeah, they do. Has LeBron always had that No. 2 guy? Every time he’s won, yeah he has. But as far as ranking teammates, it’s tough to rank. You know who I’m going to choose. It’s Dwyane Wade for me, because Dwyane said, LeBron, you need to be the guy, you’re the No. 1 option, and I’ll figure everything out, you just go ahead and be comfortable being who you are. On top of that, just the effect they had on the game, I’ve never seen anybody do what they did. The steals. The lobs. The dunks. You could play highlights of those two forever. That stuff is classic. I haven’t seen anything like that before or after. As far as I’m concerned, that’s how I feel. Dwyane was a great complement to him. Just cue the highlights," Bosh told Complex on an interview.

Bosh has a point right here. LeBron kinda took a step back to let Anthony Davis be the Lakers' go-to-guy, which is perfectly fine, but that's also what Wade did for him at South Beach.

At the end of the day, it seems like LeBron is the only person who could objectively answer this question, but he's definitely had his fair share of outstanding teammates.