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Chris Bosh Says Tim Duncan And Kevin Garnett Were The Best PF He Ever Faced

Chris Bosh Says Tim Duncan And Kevin Garnett Were The Best PF He Ever Faced

Chris Bosh named Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett as the best power forwards he ever played against, and the former Heat power forward played against some of the best big men in the game.

In his recent interview on the Bill Simmons podcast, Bosh was asked which power forward was the best he ever went up against.

“Yeah Duncan and KG. Because those are my heroes, you know what I mean? I wanted to be just like those guys.”

This is not a surprise considering Duncan and Garnett are two of the best power forwards to ever play the game, and Bosh’s game much resembles their play style.

When asked what made Duncan great, Bosh pointed out that Duncan thrived in Gregg Popovich’s system which made him an unbearable force. Combined with Duncan’s IQ, the power forward in Popovich’s system was a major threat to all competitors especially Bosh.

Bosh would go on to say:

“Tim was tough just based off the fact that he was in a system that he had mastered and he was pretty good. And you can’t stop him one-on-one.”

Tim Duncan was absolutely unstoppable on offense and combined with Popovich’s system, the pairing was a force to be reckoned with summoning 5 NBA championships.

Chris Bosh’s career was cut short due to medical problems, but the All-Star was a great player and even winning two championships. It only makes sense that Bosh looks up to Duncan and Garnett considering his play style and intensity matches up with theirs.

Additionally, unlike other retired superstar power forwards, Chris Bosh won 2 championship rings with the Miami Heat as a commodity to LeBron James. Winning a pair of championships really increases Bosh’s chances to make the Hall of Fame even though his career was cut short due to medical issues.

In comparison, Duncan and Bosh had similar stats. Both averaged around 19 points per game for their career and shot about 50% from the field.

Duncan should respect Bosh as well the pair have both beaten each other once in the NBA Finals.