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Chris Bosh Seen With GM Rob Pelinka At Lakers Practice


When the Miami Heat officially cleared themselves of Chris Bosh, most assumed they had seen the last of the 6'11 big man.

After blod clots in his lungs sudelined him for all of last season, Chris Bosh was expeceted to call it quits after a failed attempt to continue his playing career. So far, nothing seems to suggest anything different.

A recent report out of Los Angeles, though, could be a sign that Bosh is working his way back.

Officially, Bosh was just labelled a "guest" in the Lakers practice facility. And neither side has publicly declared anything to contradict that claim.

However, given prior history between Pelinka and Bosh (Pelinka being his former client), it's not hard to question whether something more was going on there. It's no secret that the former All-Star still has a desire to play the game, and it's no secret that the Lakers are hungry for star-power.

Even if this means nothing, its very comforting to see C.B. back in the NBA landscape of some-sort, even if he's not playing on the floor.

Have we seen the last of Chris Bosh, or is this quiet meeting in L.A. a sign of things to come?