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Chris Bosh Shares His Thoughts About Playing With LeBron James

Chris Bosh Shares His Thoughts About Playing With LeBron James

Everybody is talking about why about why other NBA stars such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George may not be willing to work with LeBron James. Two-Time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, has recently come out to speak about his opinion on the matter and for many reasons, he understands why due to how teammates of James have had to make changes to their games to fit in the side.

However, former Miami Heat teammate, Chris Bosh, has had his chance to respond to Durant earlier this week in an episode of ESPN’s The Jump.

Bosh agreed with Durant that some players who play with LeBron have to change their game at times but he also mentions how the 4 time MVP is willing to change aspects of his game too.

“I think he’s going to take a lot of the load and yeah you do have to change your game sometimes but there’s also aspects to where you can come to him and ask him to change your game”

Chris Bosh has played four seasons with LeBron with the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014 where they played pivotal roles in winning back to back championships for the franchise. This just shows how valuable Bosh’s opinion really is considering he knows how to play on the court with ‘The King’ just as good as anyone.

When it comes to the free agency with high-quality players like Durant and Leonard, Bosh believes that they’re sole focus right now is on playing basketball and not what team they’ll be playing for next season.

“Now, we’re talking about free agency and guys haven’t even hit their mid-season stride yet but that’s a part of the game now and there’s things to talk about and you just have to deal with it. There’s decisions to be made, there’s still so much more basketball to be played, KD, Kawhi, all these guys who are going to be free agents, their mindsets are going to be totally different six months from now” says Bosh. “The league might change, who knows what’s going to happen in the playoffs, you can never try to make up your mind and know what you’re going to do ahead of time.”

Whether a superstar player joins LeBron in L.A next season or not, Chris Bosh knows it will be a hot topic for the remainder of the season.