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Chris Bosh Takes A Huge Shot At Pacers Fans



In this time of racial tension and civil unrest, people all around the globe are speaking up with their thoughts on racism and other hate-motivated mentalities.

The NBA is no stranger to these conversations and, in fact, it has become one of the epicenters of the racial equality movement.

One of the latest pro-players to speak on race as it relates to the game is former Heat star Chris Bosh, who compared going to a Pacers game with going to a Trump rally.

Bosh's statement may be true, but many are wondering why it matters. Even if Bankers Life Field House is routinely filled with majority white fans, that in itself shouldn't be a problem unless those fans are somehow mistreating the players. Many people feel the same way.

As great as these movements are, people, have to be wary not to create a problem where one doesn't exist. Since there have been few reports about Pacers fans disrespecting black athletes, it shouldn't matter what race they are.

Still, Bosh and others around the league have the right to speak their mind and if they feel uncomfortable in certain environments, we should understand why. Now, more than ever, it's important for us to see things from another perspective and Bosh is giving us a little window into his.