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Chris Bosh Wants A 10-Day Contract From Miami Heat: "Let's Get The Band Back Together... I'm In Shape."

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Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh played a crucial part in the Miami Heat's two championships in 2012 and 2013. He was well-known for being a versatile big man who could space the floor from the midrange area while also having a solid interior game.

While Chris Bosh has had a great career in the time he's played in the NBA, there's no question that his career ended in an unfortunate way due to his blood clots. It is extremely saddening that he did not go out on a high note and was forced to retire. What's even more upsetting is that Chris Bosh could have played many more years had he not had those blood clots.

Despite the way that his career ended, it seems as though Chris Bosh wants another chance in the league. With the NBA recently having a lot of players sitting out due to health and safety protocols, a lot of veterans have been signed on 10-day contracts. 

One of the Heat's recent 10-day signing was a former point guard who played for the Heat during Chris Bosh's time there, Mario Chalmers. Chris Bosh responded to Shams Charnaia's post about the signing, telling Chalmers to relay to the Heat that they "can bring back the ol pick and roll", while adding that he's in shape. 

Hey Mario Chalmers, tell them we can bring back the ol pick and roll! Let’s get the band back together! I’m in shape 

Chris Bosh is currently 37 years old, and we've seen players suit up at that age before. While obviously, Bosh's health history will come into the decision to sign him, if he's healthy, in shape, and willing to play then he should definitely get a chance. Talent never goes away, and Bosh could potentially be a spot minutes player for the Heat.

The Miami Heat have had a solid season this year, and perhaps they can afford to give a Heat legend another chance at a comeback. Hopefully, we see Chris Bosh get his chance to return, whether it be with the Heat or another team.