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Chris Broussard And Jalen Rose Said Clippers Had A 1% Chance Of Signing Kawhi Leonard

Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP

It’s official, Kawhi Leonard is leaving the Toronto Raptors and moving to Los Angeles, but not to play with the Lakers, instead, the two-time Finals MVP will be joining the Los Angeles Clippers.

It’s a move that shocked everyone since it looked like it was almost certain that the Clippers were out of the running for Leonard and that it was narrowed down to just the Raptors and Lakers.

NBA Experts such as Fox’s Chris Broussard and ESPN’s Jalen Rose were caught out being completely wrong on the decision. Broussard had it all wrong when he announced that there was a 99% chance that Kawhi would be moving to the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason. This was followed with a tweet on Thursday where he said that the Clippers are out and it’s all down to just the Lakers and the Raptors.

Jalen Rose recently spoke on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ where he announced that there was a 99% chance that Kawhi was going to re-sign with the Raptors. Rose, however, acknowledged that he was well off the mark with his opinions by tweeting about the final result after it was revealed.

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins also had a similar prediction to Broussard, the former NBA star had this to say about Kawhi Leonard’s decision,

"Lakers hold the upper hand, looking very strong for purple/gold!"

These media experts may have all been wrong about Kawhi Leonard and his offseason decision but it certainly made for a very exciting reveal when the official news came out.