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Chris Broussard Believes Kevin Durant Has Played His Last Game As A Warrior

Kevin Durant On His Future With The Warriors: “Just Watch the Game”

The entire basketball world has their eyes set on the 2019 NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors as the challenger are taking on the Golden State Warriors as the heavy odds-on favorite. One of the biggest questions coming into the series surrounds the Warriors’ Kevin Durant and will he return from a calf strain to play in the series.

The two-time Finals MVP has taken off more time than expected after the original injury and has already been ruled out for Game 1 against the Raptors. This sparks the big question of has Kevin Durant played his last ever game as a Warrior considering the rumors that he will be moving in the offseason.

NBA Analyst, Chris Broussard, believes that KD has definitely played his last game for the Warriors, saying that he won’t play a single match of the NBA Finals.

“I don’t think he plays,” said Broussard on an episode of The Herd. “One, I think the injury is more serious than people are letting on, we’ve said that every week or so as the Warriors release new diagnosis of the injury, I’ve heard some things, talking to people around the league, I don’t think he comes back, I’m not reporting it, but if you ask me my opinion based on conversations, I don’t think he’s playing again.”

“I still think the Warriors win in six so that means I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,” says Broussard.

It sure would be an interesting yet disappointing end to Durant’s time in Golden State, it would be his third championship and if the Warriors could win without him in the Finals, it’s hard to see any future where he stays.

The Warriors made quick work of the Portland Trailblazers in the Western Conference Final without KD as the splash brothers took over.

The franchise will be hoping for a similar result in the Finals if Durant is unable to return.