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Chris Broussard On Who He’d Pick Between LeBron James And Kevin Durant: “This Is Not Even A Debate; It’s Not Close… We Don’t Have GOAT Discussions About MJ vs. Kevin Durant… Durant Is Not In That Conversation.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Chris Broussard has made it clear that he’d pick LeBron James over Kevin Durant. The NBA is getting closer by the day and we’re seeing more comparisons and predictions between LeBron James and Kevin Durant, two good friends and fierce rivals on the court.

Everybody is comparing James and Durant right now and everybody has a clear favorite in this rivalry. Recently, analyst Chris Broussard reflected on Brian Scalabrine’s comments saying LeBron is a better player than Durant, with Broussard picking LeBron since KD isn’t part of the GOAT conversation with Michael Jordan.

“This is not even a debate; it’s not close… We don’t have GOAT discussions about MJ vs. Kevin Durant. We have GOAT discussions with LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Durant is not in that conversation. LeBron is a better defender, LeBron obviously has more court vision and is a better distributor. Yes, Kevin Durant is a better shooter and maybe a pure scorer but guess what? They both average 27 points for their career and LeBron does it at a slightly higher field goal percentage, 50% to 49% so I can’t even say Durant is a better scorer.”

With Kevin Durant returning next after recovering from an Achilles injury, he is ready to demonstrate he can lead the Brooklyn Nets to the championship alongside Kyrie Irving. However, the competition will be hard for the Nets next season and the Lakers won’t lose their championship so easily.

A lot of people want to see these two going at it in the Finals to settle this debate once and for all. This will be one of the biggest stories in the league and we can’t wait to see them settle their business.