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Chris Broussard Said LeBron James Deserves No Blame For Lakers Struggles: "Rob Pelinka Is The GM."

Chris Broussard Said LeBron James Deserves No Blame For Lakers Struggles: "Rob Pelinka Is The GM."

Even with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to stay afloat in the Western Conference.

At 16-18 on the season, they have performed well below expectations and there are no signs that things will improve.

Amid the situation, fans have been looking for people to blame, and LeBron James has been an easy choice.

But, according to Chris Broussard, the blame should really go towards Rob Pelinka.

We all know LeBron wanted Russell Westbrook over Buddy Hield and we all know Westbrook is not a good fit. But he's being blamed more than he should be. He hasn't been as horrific and horrible as everybody says. And even if they didn't have Westbrook, and have Buddy Hield, I guess Anthony Davis would still be hurt, I guess Carmelo, Dwight Howard, Wayne Ellington, DeAndre Jordan and so many others would still be old. So even if they had Hield instead of Westbrook, they still would have issues.

Now to Westbrook. Props to LeBron for having that much juice, but if you're the GM, make the call. LeBron's under contract, he's not going nowhere. If you wanted Buddy Hield, then trade for Buddy Hield. Rob Pelinka is the GM. If you let a player make the moves, say, 'Go get this guy instead of that guy,' then that's on you. You should have put your foot down if you thought he was a much better fit..."

Broussard makes a lot of interesting points. While James may have made a big mistake recruiting Westbrook to L.A., Rob Pelinka was the one who ultimately calls the shots. If he let LeBron talk him out of trading for Buddy Hield, then that's an indictment on Pelinka.

Even still, the issues go beyond just the constriction of the roster. The Lakers don't seem to know how to properly utilize the guys they have.

Whatever the case, and whoever is to blame, something needs to change for the Lakes. Whether it's the game plan or some of the players themselves, they have to shake things up in a big way and they better do it soon before they dig themselves a hole too big to climb out of.