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Chris Broussard Says He's Very Confident On The Lakers: "I Clearly Have Them Coming Out Of The West"

Jared Dudley On Lakers Trying To Repeat As Champions As A 7th Seed- "It Will Be The Hardest Challenge Any Team Has Ever Had In NBA History.”"

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a tough time defending their status as the reigning champions, mostly because of injuries.

But now that they're getting healthy before the playoffs, a lot of people think that they're the biggest candidate to win it all. That's even if they come out as the 7th or 8th seed in the Western Conference.

That includes Fox Sports' Chris Broussard, who recently assured that the Lakers have enough talent to upset the Utah Jazz in the first round, even if they lose to the Golden State Warriors in the 7-8 game:

"I clearly have the Lakers to win. And it's possible that in a one-game situation that they even fall to Golden State. Maybe Steph Curry gets hot, maybe the groin bothers AD or the ankle with LeBron and they could lose that. But they would beat Memphis, San Antonio, whichever team they play. So, I clearly think the Lakers will come out of the West. They have a great shot at coming out of the West," Broussard started.

Broussard added that the only team that could take down the Lakers in a seven-game series are the Clippers, hinting at a big upset in round-one:

"Congratulations, Jazz, you had a great regular season. But the only team in the Western Conference that can beat the Lakers in a seven-game series if AD and LeBron play are the Los Angeles Clippers. And even then, I have the Lakers favorites. So, I think they have a good chance," he concluded.

The Utah Jazz surely were hoping at an easier rival when they clinched the first seed in the Western Conference but still, you have to like their chances after playing such great basketball all year long.

Then again, you can never rule LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers out, not even if they make it as the 8th seed.