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Chris Broussard Says Kawhi Leonard Could Move To The Clippers Next Summer

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Although Kawhi Leonard has settled very well within the Raptors this season, there has still been plenty of talk about where the All-Star guard will be playing next season.

Basketball Analyst, Chris Broussard, spoke on ‘The Herd’ on Thursday where he discussed how impressed he was with the Los Angeles Clippers this season and how they could be the side that lures over Kawhi.

Broussard believes the Clippers would be a great match for Kawhi Leonard with their unselfish team play and their current lack of star power. Many people have linked the two-time All-Star with the Clippers local rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers.

But both Chris Broussard and Collin Cowherd agreed that there was no chance that Leonard will end up playing in yellow and purple alongside LeBron James while speaking on ‘The Herd’.

The Clippers have gone above everyone’s expectations with the team’s unselfish play has them leading the Western Conference with a total of 15 wins. Only one can imagine what this side could achieve if they were able to add a star player like Kawhi to the lineup.

For the meantime, Kawhi Leonard is enjoying his time as a Raptor with the team well and truly on top of the Eastern Conference with 19 wins and a 4-win gap between them and the Bucks who sit in second place. If all goes well, there may be no need for Leonard to move anywhere.