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Chris Broussard Says Stephen Curry Can Surpass Kevin Durant In All-Time Rankings If He Leads Golden State To An NBA Championship: “If Steph Wins A Championship, What’s To Stop Him From Moving Ahead Of Durant?”

Kevin Durant Praises Stephen Curry After He Breaks Ray Allen’s Three-Pointer Record: “2974… More On The Way. Congrats To The God.”

Stephen Curry has been on fire this season. The Warriors point guard has gotten off to what might be the hottest start of his entire career. Many fans believe that he is the favorite to win the MVP this season and even lead the Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship.

Curry's legacy is already stellar. He has won 3 NBA championships in his career, 2 regular-season MVPs, and is considered the greatest shooter of all time. Even Michael Jordan recently admitted that Curry is a future first-ballot hall of fame inductee.

Winning a 4th NBA championship, and winning his first-ever Finals MVP would elevate his legacy even higher when it comes to the all-time rankings.

Many have argued that Kevin Durant, despite having fewer championships and having to play with Steph to win titles, is higher on the all-time list than Curry. Chris Broussard believes that Curry's legacy could surpass that of Durant's if he leads the Warriors to another championship.

During a segment on First Things First, Broussard explained that Curry's size is one of the biggest things to hold him back. And Durant's size is his biggest advantage. But despite Curry's size, his offensive game is up there with the all-time greats, and there is no denying him if he wins yet another championship.

“Why do I have KD ahead of Steph?... When they were together, it looked like KD was the better player. But I’ve always said KD was a 7-foot version of Steph Curry. That was before he went to Golden State. Because he’s got handles, he can score off the bounce, he can finish at the rim, and obviously, he’s a great shooter, and obviously, because he’s 7 feet tall, that has to make him better than Steph. But what is the main benefit of being 7 feet tall in the NBA, is you can always get your shot off. But have we ever seen a time when Steph couldn’t get his shot off? When Steph had trouble getting his shot off? He dribbles so well, he’s so creative, he moves so well without the ball, and his range is unlimited, so he can always get his shot off. Durant obviously has a rebounding advantage because of his height. But he’s not a great rebounder. Steph is actually a very good rebounder for his size. Steph is a better passer. He’s got more accolades. Steph has proven he can lead his own team to a championship. If Steph leads the Warriors to the championship this year, gives him 4 titles, gives him 2 titles without a top 75 teammate. The only other players who can say that are Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and George Mikan… He’s changed the game. And the thing is, the key for Durant, Durant is known as a great shooter. That’s his claim to fame. But Steph is the best shooter ever… For the time being, if Steph wins a championship, what’s to stop him from moving ahead of Durant?”

Broussard makes some solid points, especially when we take into consideration that Durant had to team up with Steph in order to win an NBA championship, whereas Curry was able to win one and reach two finals without KD by his side.

The Curry-Durant duo was spectacular, and the biggest cheat code in the NBA at the time, as the combination of two of the three best players in the world could not be stopped. Even Draymond Green has said that people were too busy criticizing the duo and not appreciating their greatness.

Both Durant and Curry are generational talents and will be considered the best of their eras. And presently, both have the right to claim themselves as the best in the world. But when it comes to who is better all time, we can only decipher that once both players have called times on their legendary careers.