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Chris Broussard Says Westbrook Can No Longer Be In The Consideration Of A Top 5 Player

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Once upon a time, Russell Westbrook was considered a top point guard in the NBA. His years with Kevin Durant were largely disappointing, but he played his way into the hearts of the fans. When Durant eventually left for Oakland in 2016, it left Russ alone in a small market city, and he became the victim of the great KD betrayal.

He distracted the world with triple-doubles, even earning MVP honors in 2017. The problem is, aside from personal accolades, he has nothing to show for his tenure.

And now, with his shooting struggles being exposed, the world is running out of believers in Russell Westbrook.

In a quote by Chris Broussard, he can no longer be considered amongst the top 5 players in the league.

Westbrook's shooting woes have put his team in a very tough spot. For the third consecutive season, they face a first-round elimination -- this time, by the 3rd seeded Blazers, who are missing their starting center.

Hopefully, Westbrook learns to adapt and change his game before it is too late.

He needs to develop his shot, and maybe concede the shot making to Paul George. It is true that the Thunder would be worse off with Westbrook. But unless he responds to this latest blow, it will be hard for the team to get anywhere at their current state.