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Chris Haynes Reveals Some Of The Social Justice Messages Players Have Chosen To Show On The Back Of Their Jerseys

(via The Dispatch)

(via The Dispatch)

The NBA has a good track record of promoting social justice and racial equality. They've given and empowered players (even team executives) to speak for these important issues and have always tried to stand on the right side of history.

With the recent BLM protests, while nobody was expecting the league to be silent, many wondered how they would speak on it.

Aside from issuing public statements, it was revealed that the NBA is letting players replace the name on the back of their jerseys with a message of their choosing.

Yesterday, Chris Haynes revealed what some of those messages will be.

"Education Reform," "Equality," "Enough," and "Vote" are all words/phrases we can expect to see upon the return of the season.

It will be interesting to see how it looks and how the world reacts. These players have a platform like nobody else on the planet and by giving a voice to the BLM community, they are showing the world where they stand on these important issues.

Needless to say, everybody ha their own take on things but racial equality and social justice should be values we all strive for. Good on the NBA and the players to use their platform for good.