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Chris Paul' Contract Could Be A Big Problem For The Houston Rockets

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Last offseason Chris Paul signed a 4 year/$160 million with the Houston Rockets after a successful first season in Texas where the Rockets reached the Western Conference Finals and took the Warriors to 7 games. This season hasn’t gone so well for Paul and the Rockets as they currently stand at 19-15 which puts them at 6th in West.

Paul is out with a strained hamstring and is due to miss 2-3 weeks which lead to Brian Windhorst of ESPN commenting on how CP3 is very injury-prone.

“When Paul is healthy, he still is one of the best in his league at the position. But he seems to be injured often, and scouting reports detail reduced mobility. Injuries seem to have affected him all season; his scoring and shooting numbers have dropped to around career lows. Part of it could be workload: Paul, 33, is playing his highest average of minutes in four years. It’s fair to wonder how his four-year, $160 million contract will look over the long haul.”

Chris Paul hasn’t been an All-Star since 2016 and doesn’t look set to make a return for the rest of his career. Because of Paul’s large contract along with James Harden and Clint Capela, the Rockets have nearly $100 million for only 3 players until 2022. This could seriously damage their ability to sign players in the future to keep the Rockets competitive.