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Chris Paul Could Join Lakers After Potential Buyout From Thunder



Unless LeBron rolls out at the point, the Lakers need some serious help in the backcourt. With virtually nobody available on the market, and Quinn Cook being their best current small guard, L.A. will need a miracle if they hope to find a starting-caliber PG with their last roster spot.

Could Chris Paul be that miracle?

The 34-year-old guard is stuck in an unfortunate situation with the Thunder. The team has been unable to find a suitable trade partner, and it seems likely that he will have to either play out the season or come to terms with a buyout from the team.

The latter would be better for both sides -- and if it becomes a reality, he could end up as a Laker before the end of the summer. Still, you shouldn't hold your breath.

Paul is owed $124 million over the next three years of his contract. Either Paul would have to give a substantial sum of money back, or Presti would have to be willing to take a huge cap hit.

Since neither seems particularly likely, CP3 could very well end up on the roster by the time the new season starts in October.

Nonetheless, with no plans to fill their last remaining roster spot anytime soon, the Lakers will no doubt be monitoring the situation as things progress into August.