Chris Paul Gets Roasted After 10-Point Performance In Game 4: "It's Going To Be A Long Three Days..."

Chris Paul Gets Roasted After 10-POint Performance In Game 4- "It's Going To Be A Long Three Days..."

The Suns are good for the first time in years, and Chris Paul's arrival is one of the biggest reasons why.

When he joined, he brought experience, playmaking, and his brilliant basketball mind, which made an immediate and noticeable impact on the team.

But in Game 4, a pivotal game in the series, CP3 struggled mightily, putting up just 10 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds per game on 38.5% shooting.

The man got absolutely blasted by the Twitter verse:

CP3 is a Hall-of-Famer and obviously one of the greatest point guards ever. But tonight, and in the Finals as a whole, he's having trouble proving it.

He's making mistakes and looks flustered out there on the floor, and it has cost Phoenix a couple of losses so far.

In Game 5, the only thing we can expect is an answer from Paul. If he can return to the player he's been for most of the season, and most of his career, it could spell good news for Phoenix, who still holds home-court advantage.

No doubt, it will be a rough couple of days for CP3 and the crew, as they look to make adjustments and make amends for a poor showing in Milwaukee.